Recognising Painless Tactics In Dog Grooming

dog grooming

And as to the cancers, Dr. Karlsson said Kate Megquier, a veterinarian working on a Ph.D. at the Broad Institute in cancer genomics thought cat cancers deserved more attention. Dr. Megquier said “I’ve been studying a lot of the dog cancers,” but that there are reasons studying certain naturally occurring cancers in cats could be anti bark valuable. They get a lot of cancers called lymphomas, she said, and “they certainly have something to teach us about lymphomas.” They also get oral cancers similar to ones humans get and it’s possible, she said, that these might be related to environmental toxins they pick up while grooming themselves. Investigating that possibility “could give us some insight into these cancers,” she said, helping pets and people. Dr. Megquier likes dogs, but is, by her own account, “definitely a cat person.” Dr. Karlsson said that there are good reasons dogs are studied so intensively. There are many more dog breeds — about 400 compared to about 40 cat breeds.

dog grooming
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